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Careers at Skyline Automation


Skyline Automation is constantly looking to expand our family of building automation professionals to match our growing business!  


Please review the brief descriptions of our open positions and send us your resume and contact information today

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Our Open Positions

Systems Specialist
Our Systems Specialists perform check-out and commissioning of building
automation systems. They develop programs for digital controllers for control of temperature, humidity and pressure and implement programs to monitor and trend the operation of
mechanical and electrical building systems. On a daily basis, our systems specialists will interface with installers, contractors, building owners and operators and assist in troubleshooting systems with our project managers or advanced systems specialists.  They are responsible to coordinate their work with our subcontractors and the other building trades to ensure proper system installation and operation.


Design Engineer
Our Design Engineers perform the design and product application functions for building automation systems including schematics, wiring diagrams, sequences of operation, bill of materials, software and graphical user interface pages. They coordinate their efforts with sales people, equipment suppliers, subcontractors and project managers for a complete design and satisfied customers. They also possess an excellent understanding mechanical and electrical building system operations and select products to meet plans, specifications and other contractual provisions.


Project Manager
Our Project Managers are responsible for project planning, staging, scheduling and all aspects

of the financial management of the project. They create and execute project schedules and adjust them as necessary to meet the dynamic requirements of our projects. They also procure and  manage our installation subcontractors as well as direct and supervise our project staff to achieve our customers’ project goals. Our project managers are highly attentive to our customers’ needs and achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction in the industry.